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Mar 7, 2011 7:00am EST
to come get us. >> reporter: outside columbus, ohio, 60 weather-related wrecks reported in less than three hours on sunday, blamed on icy roads. in buffalo, sunday snowfall pushed the season total past 100 inches. people just want winter to end. >> i'm ready for spring to get here, baseball to start. >> reporter: the worst was in rayne, louisiana. this security camera shows the tornado that touched down saturday with 135 miles per hour winds leaving shattered glass, and mud-soaked debris. one young mother was killed. authorities say she died sheltering her 1-year-old daughter as fierce winds brought down a tree on their house. 1500 people were forced from their homes by the twister. >> it was total chaos to be honest with you. >> reporter: it's going to be chaotic for the morning rush hour in syracuse. syracuse is now closing in on their fourth snowiest season on record. 170 inches so far, and counting. if you do the math that's over 14 feet of snow. matt, i don't know if you want to hear this but it can snow in syracuse into mid may. >> not that i don't want to hear it, but people in syra
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Mar 6, 2011 10:00pm EST
sheen debacle brought to life is drug use is alye and well one of the drugs is sur pridesingly popular is crack. i am with happening harry a sunset strip celebrity club promote tore and musician. tell me about that? >> as i said sdrugs are easy to fievendz. we are in the entertainment capital of america. the more people there are the more drugs there are. >> why crack? >> because people are resorting to making it at home now. >> it is attracting younger kids with easier access to drugs than alcohol. >> as we would walk past the club we smell the obvious aroma of people smoking dope, but the stronger drugs are out there, too. >> yeah, there are every where. chances are you will smell that on the street also. >> obviously this is going on it's easy to get. what about the young kids? >> i see a lot of kids running around. a lot of them are in such a hurry to grow up they don't realize how dangerous it is to flirt with what they are doing. there are a lot of kids doing heavy drugs. >> like what? >> heroin. there are teens out there on heroin. >> you have seen it? >> i have seen them on it.
Mar 7, 2011 9:00am EST
and other enemy forces use to launch attacks against american troops inside afghanistan. but almost just as important, the kind of threat they pose to the stability of pakistan. in fact, savannah and chuck, there are some in the military now saying that we fight the war in afghanistan to ensure stability in pakistan. >> wow, there you go. at the pentagon for us for some sobering news and analysis this morning. thanks very much. >> you bet. >>> the white house seems to be backing defense secretary robert gates, arguing that the risks of imposing a no-fly zone in libya would likely outweigh any benefits but that hasn't stopped members of congress from both parties talking about it. >> the last thing we want to think about is any kind of military intervention. and i don't consider it a fly zone stepping over that line. i would only consider its implementation if gadhafi himself were using it as a means of terror, as a means of massacring large numbers of civilians. >> lots of people throw around phrases of no-fly zone and they talk about it as though it's just a game on a video game or some
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Mar 7, 2011 1:00am EST
is the fact that drug use is alive and well here in hollywood. one of the drugs that is surprisingly popular again is crack. and what's happening here on the sunset strip celebrity and a club promoter, tell me about that. >> yeah. i mean, as i said drugs are easy to find. it so happens we're in the entertainment capitol of america. the more people, the more drugs there are. >> why is crack popular? >> people are resorting to making it at home now. >> the notorious hollywood club scene is attracting younger kids with easier access to drugs than alcohol. >> so as we walk past a club, we can smell the obvious aroma of people smoking dope but the stronger drugs are out there, too. >> yeah. they're everywhere. chances are you'll smell that, too. on the street out here. >> this is going on. it's easy to get. what about young kids? >> this? i see a lot of kids running around and there is -- it's sad. a lot of them are such in a hurry to grow up. i don't think they realize how dangerous it is to flirt with whatever they're taking. >> there are kids out there doing heavy drugs. >> like what? >> heroi
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Mar 7, 2011 6:00am EST
i know nothing about this. i know this. here's our guest list. dana perino will be joining us. peter king at the heart of a controversial beginning to his hearings this week about muslim radicalization within our own country. >> remember the movie erin brocavich. she's written some books in the past and now she's trying her hand at fiction. >> cesar milan knows your animal, your dog, your pet is trying to talk to you. he will tell you what he or she is trying to say. >> did you hear that barking? it sounds like lassie was trying to say timmy is down the well again. >> have we stopped with wells? >> this is a good time to go to headlines, i think. new video this morning of libyan leader muammar el-qaddafi making a brief appearance yet again on libya state tv waving to supporters in tripoli. he's claiming victories on libya's coast today. they say the regrouping after losing ground and getting pounded by qaddafi's troops with tanks, helicopters and fighter planes as they tried to advance towards the capital. wild weather hitting the northeast hard. overnight, a bus crashed near scrant
Mar 7, 2011 1:00am EST
shows on tv, after all. that's all for us now. >>> libya, unrest. gadhafi opposition forces claim major victory in a key city. but the humanitarian crisis is growing, as libyans poor across the border, looking for food and shelter. >>> women, taking to the streets and making their voices heard in the revolt. taking to the middle east and north africa. and nations where women have taken a back seat to men. what is empowering meese these women to risk their lives and often lose it to the cause? >>> 20 years after enduring one of the worst police beatings ever captured on videotape, rodney king is pulled over by the cops. what happened and what's his explanation? you're going to hear from him. >>> and charlie sheen, did you watch his wife webcast last night in the latest move in his media blitz against cbs and the creator of "two and a half men" didn't go as well as charlie had hoped. what's he saying about it tonight. i'm don lemon. that and more when we begin in the "cnn newsroom." but first your top stories. >>> anti-gadhafi rebels in libya say they now control more of the country. this
Mar 6, 2011 9:00pm EST
.com. thanks for tuning in. catch us next sunday at our normal time slot, 10:00 p.m. eastern and pacific. >>> after the headlines, after the radio call-ins, after the meltdown, tonight charlie sheen gives his first live television interview to me. everyone in hollywood is asking the same thing. >> are you unthe what is he thinking? >> i'm a winner. their lives looks like they're ruled by losers. just to put it in black and white terms. i don't want their live and they want mine. they want to criticize the hell eight of it. you know? >> now charlie sheen tells me. in his own words. no holds barred. this is "piers morgan tonight." much 4. charlie sheen is here. charlie, why are you here? the vast audience has given you a standing ovation. >> thank you for having me, by the way. it's really a pleasure. you're awesome. >> what do you want to achieve with this interview. >> tell the back story about how we first met. >> we met in the early '90s and it was in aspen, colorado. you were at the launch of planet hollywood there and you did me a big favor. everyone was trying to get an interview wi
Mar 7, 2011 12:00am EST
do 177 shows. not to promote being on autopilot. but you know, some of us are just better equipped to work in that head space, you know? but yeah, they started -- they said i got too thin. and said i was too thin. the year before they said i was a little bloated. so, i was bloated and tanned but thin and white. so, i thought if i could mix maybe thin with tan that bloated and white would go away. so, sort of a color wheel. >> a perfect hybrid. too bloated and too white. >> skinny and tanning. mental tanning. but anyway, so, they all started putting me in a fishbowl. every friday night i turned to the big executive kind of in the corner hush hush dialogue whispered dialogue about my condition. and it was just -- it was a really hard situation to work in, you know? i felt really kind of -- it felt kind of weird. it felt like i was being, i don't know, it felt like an intrusion. i feel like when i step between the lines, that's the time i get to be free. i can do all the rehearsing and practicing and that stuff. go through the motions and give them a sense of what it's going to look l
Mar 7, 2011 7:00am PST
porque tradicionalmente y mÁs en esta cultura hispana estÁ acostumbrado a que us el sostÉn principal de la casa. pero es muy importante que cuando los papeles estÁn cambiados esto es una transiciÓn para el hombre aceptar esta situaciÓn y tambiÉn es la oportunidad del hombre para saber el trabajo que hay en la casa y tambiÉn valorar mÁs a su esposa. >> en el caso de las mujeres cuÁles son las seÑales de un hombre que quiere vivir a costa de ellas. >> en el caso de magali, ponÍa protextos el hombre, cuando habla mucho y hay mucha acciÓn y cuando justifica el motivo por el que no puede encontrar empleo y cuando no aporta absolutamente nada en el hogar. >> es importante, son las seÑales importantes de todo esto magali siga adelante porque o uno no no naciÓ para estar solo y roberto, no te pierdas la cocina de hoy que estarÁ increÍble. [risas] >> gracias. >> muchas gracias por compartir tu experiencia y tu sabidurÍa. vamos a una pausa ♪ [ locutora ] cheerios es un cereal con avena integral 100% natural. y como mamá sé que lo aprenden mis hijos desde pequeños son hábitos
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)